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Effective October 23, 2023, DOB’s new online platform, Certifi, will allow for the centralized submission, tracking, and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) applications.

All new applications for C of Os will be routed through Certifi. In-progress applications that were active prior to our introduction of Certifi must be completed and C of Os issued no later than December 4, 2023, or customers will be required to submit a new application using Certifi.

Our new platform allows users to see at a glance how different DOB reviews require certain documents, clarifies and simplifies the application process by allowing users to move through a step-by-step path based on their project’s needs, and increases transparency and efficiency of the review process for applicants and DOB reviewers.

In the District of Columbia, we want to encourage responsible growth and development, but we also want to ensure that construction happens safely. This platform allows us to continue prioritizing safety while also enhancing the customer experience and streamlining our processes, leading to a seamless progression that allows customers to hold us accountable and boosts our processing capacity.


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Certifi FAQs

Video Snippets: How To Apply for a C of O Using Certifi

Certifi External Introduction and Training Recording - October 19, 2023 

External Stakeholder Training PowerPoint - October 19, 2023