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In observance of the Emancipation Day holiday, DOB will be closed on Tuesday, April 16, 2024; no construction will be allowed on this day without an after-hours permit. You may report illegal construction by submitting an Illegal Construction Inspection Request Form during normal business hours or by calling 311.

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Get a Raze Permit

Permit Description

This permit is required if nothing remains at the site except for a party wall and/or a foundation.

Raze Application Instructions and General Information

  • To raze a building, the Property Owner or Contractor must first get a Raze Permit, which starts the process of utility disconnections and further regulatory approvals.
  • The Owner or Contractor must get a Raze Permit, which approves the razing method and certifies that the utilities have been properly disconnected.
  • Razing a building before you get a Raze Permit is a violation of the Construction Code (DCMR 12) – and can result in significant fines and penalties.
  • Raze Permit fees are assessed based on the information you provide (cubic feet of structure to be razed); any fee adjustment necessary after field inspection will be assessed on the issuance of the Raze Permit.
  • Sidewalk deposits and/or tap bills may be required before Raze Permit issuance. Contact DDOT’s Public Space Management Administration at (202) 442-4670 to get more information.
  • An issued DDOT Occupancy construction staging area permit is required for DDOT approval. Applicants can apply online at; this will require a 15-day processing time. The only required drawing submission is a Traffic Control Plan. Once your DDOT permit is issued, contact a DDOT manager with a copy of the permit and the Raze letter for signature.
  • If the proposed work consists of 50 square feet or greater of land disturbance, you must submit an erosion and sediment control site plan to the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) through the DOEE Surface and Groundwater System. Contact DOEE staff on page 4 should you have questions about the submission process.
  • A plumbing supplemental permit, obtained by a plumber registered and licensed in the District of Columbia, is required for any water/sewer line cap.
  • Fees are required for abandonment of the water/sewer services in the public easement (paved road).
  • You must pay any outstanding water bills before a Raze Permit can be issued.
  • You are required to follow the Neighbor Notification safeguards for any adjacent properties when there is any impact on party walls. 

Raze Permit Application Process

  1. To submit your Raze permit application, log onto your Access DC account and select Raze Permit to begin the process. Once you have answered all required questions, please be sure to upload the following:
    1. Photo(s) accurately depicting premises and the structure to be raised.
  2. DOB staff will review your application for acceptance and an email will be sent to the applicant with all raze letters. Once accepted, the applicant is required to post the Public Notice placard visibly on the front of the structure.
  3. The applicant must obtain all signatures before submitting back to DOB for final approval.
  4. Payment of the Raze Permit fee includes the filing fee, which is paid at the time of submission, and the remaining permit fee once approved. The Raze Permit fee calculation is based upon the volume of the structure in cubic feet times 0.02 (please ensure that measurements are listed accurately during application submission).
  5. Raze clearance letters are emailed to the applicant upon acceptance and include the following agencies and DOB divisions for approvals/signoffs:
    • DOB Plumbing Inspection
    • Department of Transportation Public Space
    • PEPCO - Utility Cut Off
    • Verizon - Utility Cut Off
    • Washington Gas - Utility Cut Off
    • DC Water - Sewer/Water line Cut Public
    • DOB Zoning Administrator - Overlay Impacts on Site
    • Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) Asbestos Abatement
    • DOEE Soil Erosion Control
    • DOB Construction Inspection
    • DC Health Vector Control
    • Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB)
    • Department of Housing Community Development (DHCD) Rental Accommodations Division
  6. The applicant is responsible for submitting clearance letters to required agencies, paying any required fees to the agencies, and getting written approvals. 
  7. Please get your plumbing permit for your cut and cap before scheduling your plumbing inspection. Call for inspection at (202) 671-3500 for automated scheduling.
  8. Once all raze letters have been signed by all applicable agencies, you must then contact the Inspection and Compliance Administration at (202) 671-3500 to schedule your inspection and to get your Construction Branch letter signed. 
  9. Before DOB will issue a Raze Permit, the building(s) must be unoccupied. If the building is still occupied, DOB will accept and process the Permit Application, but will not issue the Permit until the applicant notifies the Permit Division that the building is vacant.
  10. To submit your Raze package for final approval, it must include all signed letters. If you did not provide the Certificate of Liability Insurance and pictures during submission, those documents will also be requested for final approval. The Certificate should be issued to the Chief Building Official of DOB. Please send the full application package to [email protected] for review. Please allow 3 business days for the review and processing of final fees.

You may also email [email protected] regarding general inquiries regarding the raze process.

NOTE: DOB will not issue any Raze Permits before the end of the applicable 30-day public notification period.

Raze Interagency Contacts

DOB Inspections (Construction & Plumbing) Andrea Summer (202) 442-9557, option 6 for a representative [email protected]
DOB Office of Zoning and Administrator Evon Epps (202) 442-4576 [email protected]
DC Water Water/Sewer   (202) 646 - 8600  
DOEE Asbestos Ralph Knatt (202) 535 - 2998 [email protected]
DOEE Soil Erosion

Saba Gharavi

Nykia Barnes

(202) 336 - 2549

(202) 309 - 5812

[email protected]

[email protected]

DDOT Public Space

Courtney Williams

(202) 481 - 3493

[email protected]

DHCD Rental Accommodation & Conversion

Lauren J. Pair

P (202) 442 - 9505

F (202) 645 - 5870

[email protected]

DOH Vector Control

Jermaine Matthews

Donna Bennett

Andre Pittman

P (202) 442 - 5864

C (202) 309 - 3156

   C (202) 536 - 6064

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] 

Office of Planning Historic Preservation Office Kim Williams (202) 442 - 8840 [email protected]
PEPCO Pepco Distribution Engineering  

P (202) 331 - 6237

F (202) 388 - 2721

Online Submission:

DC Engineering: [email protected]

Verizon Verizon Linda Smith (240) 970 - 6271 [email protected]
Washington Gas Service Abandonments   (703) 750 - 4750 [email protected]

Note: Please get your plumbing permit for your cut and cap before scheduling your plumbing inspection.

Call for inspection at (202) 671-3500 for automated scheduling.

Please note once all raze letters have been signed by all agencies, you must then contact the Inspection and Compliance Administration at (202) 671-3500 to schedule for your inspection and to get your Construction Branch letter signed. 


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