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Permitting FAQs

Deck Permits

I own a single-family home and am constructing a deck on my property. What application type should I use to accurately describe my project?
If one level, and under 500 square feet, you may now select from the application Service Type, Deck Permit, under General Information. This permit is applicable for single- and two-family dwellings.

Am I required to identify a design professional in the deck permit application during the submission process?
If you are using the Deck Guide, a design professional is not required to be identified in the application during the submission process, when applying for a one-level residential deck with dimensions totaling 500 square feet or less, on a single– or two-family dwelling.

What is the permit fee for the new Deck Permit?
The Deck Permit fee is based upon the cost of the construction. For projects with a construction cost:

  • Of less than $500, the permit cost is $36.30
  • Between $500 - $1,000, the permit cost is $71.50
  • Between $1,001 - $1,000,000, the permit cost is calculated as ($30.00 +(2% of construction value $1001 - $1,000,000)) + 10% and ranges between $55.02 - $22,033

I am constructing a deck that will not be for a single-family or two-family dwelling, it is for a multi-unit building. Must I identify the design professional in the permit application?
Yes, for larger residential projects, a design professional is required to be identified in the permit application during the submission process. Also, rather than submit an application for a Deck Permit, an application for an Occupied Roof Deck, a Two-Story Deck or a Multi-Story Balcony/Deck Permit must be submitted.


Permit Application

With the launch of the Permit Wizard, if customers I have applications that are currently incomplete in the Citizen Access Portal, how will those applications be handled or affected with the new systems?
All applications begun in the Citizen Access Portal, as well as those that need to be extended, will still be handled in the Citizen Access Portal. New applications for a one-family or two-family should be submitted through the Permit Wizard.

Is the contractor and subcontractor information required for permit application submission?
No, the contractor and subcontractor information is not required for all permits at the time of submitting an application. For applications submitted in the Permit Wizard, you can select the Homeowner as the contractor if you have not yet selected the contractor. If you have selected a contractor prior to issuance of the permit, you can contact an Issuance Representative by emailing [email protected] to update this information, and the contractor will be listed on the permit.

For applications submitted in the Citizen’s Access Portal, you can move forward without providing the contractor, and prior to issuance of the permit, you will be notified that the contractor’s information is missing for which you can update the application. You can update this information by logging into your DOB account and selecting the edit open by the permit application in question.

Is the design professional and master tradesmen information required for permit application submission?
For applications submitted in the Permit Wizard, it is not required to list the design professional during the time of application submission. You can enter this information if available by entering the design professional license number. 

For applications submitted in the Citizen Access Portal, depending on the application type selected, a design professional will be required. A design professional is required for the below list of permit applications,

  • Addition, Alteration, and Repair
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Foundation
  • New Building
  • Sheeting and Shoring

Can I edit the contractor, subcontractor, and registered design professional information in the permit application anytime while the project is under review?
No, once the application is submitted, to edit the contractor, subcontractor, and/or registered design professional information please contact us at DOB at [email protected] before the permit is issued.

What do I do if I am unable to locate my hired professionals or contractors in the application?
The permit application pulls the most up-to-date license information from various systems and databases. In the Permit Wizard, you will be asked to validate your design professionals and contractor information. Please also confirm that you have hired professionals or contractors that hold active licenses with the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP). You can confirm this information via DLCP's Occupational and Professional Licensing page.

If you have any difficulty or questions regarding a license status, please contact out the Department of Licensing and Consumer Protection (DLCP) Licensing Administration at [email protected].

What do I do if I want to change the design professional or contractors after the application is submitted and before the permit is issued?
You may contact our office at [email protected] to make your request with the Permitting Office.

Will all the parties in the permit application be notified when the permit application is submitted and at permit issuance?
Yes, all parties listed in the permit application will receive automatic notifications sent to the email of record.

I am the Permit Expeditor but did not locate and select myself from the listing in the permit application. What do I need to do?
Please register as a Permit Expeditor using the DOB Permit Expeditor Registration Form. If you have already registered using the link above and are having trouble locating yourself in the permit application, please email DOB at [email protected].

As the homeowner, can I be listed as the Contractor on my application?
Yes, if you are the homeowner of a single or two-family home, you can self-identify and attest that you are the contractor of record on the application. For applications submitted through the Citizen Access Portal, you are not required to provide the contractor’s information for submission of the permit application. In the Permit Wizard, it is required that you identify if you are doing the work yourself or using a licensed contractor. If you have not selected a contractor, you can list yourself to move forward with the submission of the application.

When will I be required to provide the estimated cost of construction?
The Estimated Cost of Construction is required at the time of application submittal and supporting documentation should be uploaded to either the application or ProjectDox systems when requested.

When will I be required to provide the signed construction contract(s)?
Signed construction contracts are required before the Permit is issued for validation. No permit will be issued without a signed construction contract. Please use the Contract Agreement as a template.

How is my fee being assessed for my permit application?
Depending on the scope of your project, the cost of your permit application is based on the entire cost of your construction project. Please visit Building Permit Fee Schedule. The first fee payment which is the filing fee is 50% of your total permit and is based on the permit fee structure. The remaining fee balance is based on the cost of your signed construction contract(s). If you are using the Permit Wizard to submit your application, fees are calculated for you.

What is the process for canceling my permit and requesting a refund?

Required documents and process instructions for canceling your permit and/or requesting a refund can be found here: Refund and Cancellation Process.

Can I now submit the Raze Application online?
Yes, the application must be submitted through our Citizens Access Portal at this time. Please view the Raze Instructions and Guide. Please use the Citizen Access Portal and “select” Raze as the Application Type to get started.

Is the Contractor, Subcontractor, Design Professional, and Master Tradesmen required to be licensed by District of Columbia?
Yes, the Contractor, Subcontractor, Design Professional and Master Tradesmen must be licensed in the District of Columbia.

How do I know if my permit is eligible for an extension?
An eligible permit must be unexpired, which means prior to the expiration date stated on the issued permit or within the last year of work occurring in which such work is documented through inspections.

When does a permit expire?
A permit expires if no work is started within the year after permit issuance or if the last inspection occurred over 1 year ago.

How many extensions can be granted for a permit?
A total of 4 permit extensions can be granted for eligible permits, not to exceed 2 years.

Can I apply for a permit extension and maintain the original permit number for my records?
Yes, if you have not exceeded the maximum of four, six-month extensions. With the latest enhancement, you simply select “Building Permit Extension” in the application and answer some questions to make your extension request. Once approved, your original permit number will be maintained with the extension tracking number at the end. For example: “B2000000- EXT-1” for the first request and “B2000000- EXT-2” for the second request. The Building Permit Extension application includes requests for trade permits as well.