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Fireworks stands require permits from DOB; we will be processing applications through July 3, 2024. New applicants should view this form and follow the outlined steps, while returning applicants should follow the instructions laid out in this form. For any questions, please Contact DOB.

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Pop-Up Permits (PUPs)

As part of our efforts to help revitalize Downtown DC, DOB is excited to introduce Pop-Up Permits (PUPs), our program for customers to get a streamlined Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for temporary use of a previously vacant building for up to one (1) year - all without going through the traditional permitting process to maximize the time the space can operate. 

Pop-up permits combine the mechanics of the building permit and C of O processes to generate a C of O to ensure safe compliance for temporary uses of vacant buildings.

To qualify for the pop-up permit program, applicants should first complete DOB's Pre-Qualification Form to ensure that their idea is feasible for a temporary use. Applicants must have a confirmed address with a lease agreement to be considered, along with written fire and evacuation plans.

Following approval, applicants will then receive assistance to apply for their pop-up permit via our digital platform, Certifi. The cost of the permit will follow DOB's permit fee schedule. DOB's PUPs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document can be consulted for further information on the process.

DOB is committed to working to activate vacant spaces in the District for productive use through a streamlined approach for occupancy. This is exclusive to temporary uses that reactivate vacant spaces.

By repurposing vacant commercial spaces across the District for temporary reimaginations of use, DOB is investing in the entrepreneurial spirit that makes the District a great place to live, work, and play.

Application Types

  • Change of Use: Utilizing a vacant space for a new use with minimal to no construction. An example would be a change from office space to an assembly use 
  • Tenant Change: Utilizing an existing space with an established C of O with no construction.